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Springbok Baits and Angling Supplies

Springbok Baits & Angling Supplies offers everything you need – simplicity, efficiency and products that are always readily available. No need to pay expensive retail price, get everything from us directly and with this website you can buy everything online and it gets delivered directly to your door.

Establish in 1994 Springbok Baits & Angling Supplies strive to deliver products that is made from the highest quality, assuring the consumer that he/she will get the best product that money can buy. Pair of sport ankle supports for cable slimming formula alpha pharma legit healthy food barcelona.
Not only will we provide products for Bank angling but also specimen angling, Bass angling and fly fishing.

All products can be delivered directly to your door unless its in outlining areas. Option for courier is also available. If you would like to know more about springbok Baits & Angling Supplies please click on the contact us icon above and we will be happy to assist you!


Fishing “Dos”:

  • Do fish in areas that are known to be productive areas but are not already being fished by others at the time you are there.
  • Do have a plan of where you’re going to fish and what bait you’re going to use.
  • Do know where to go in case of a storm or an emergency
  • Do use lures that are appropriate for that time of year.
  • Do keep a topo map of the lake in your boat in case you get lost. (Eventually, you will get lost.)
  • Do know the weather forecast.
  • Do make sure your fire extinguisher is fully charged.
  • Do fish with a degree of stealth. This will increase your chances of catching fish.
  • Do fish an area well before you move on.
  • Do check your boat before you leave home, including: fuel, oil, life vests, batteries charged, water, fishing licenses, boat tag, emergency equipment, your medications, etc.
  • Do keep your kill switch attached to you when running the big motor. If you don’t know what a kill switch is, you need to stay home.
  • Do take your kids.



  • Rod and reel. For your first setup, go for a pre-spooled, pre-assembled rod and reel combo.
  • Fishing line. If you buy a rod and reel setup that comes pre-spooled, you won’t need to worry about picking out your own fishing line for now.
  • Tackle. Tackle is the fun part about selecting freshwater fishing equipment for beginners. Bait hooks, lures, soft plastic baits—these fish candies will entice your favorite species into biting.
  • Knot tying book. To start, learn one basic line-to-tackle knot that you can rely on. You can also find many free videos online.
  • Line cutters. Fishing can require a lot of knot-tying. Use line cutters for trimming excess line. For an easy hack, you can also use fingernail clippers or household scissors.
  • Dehooker or pliers. Essential freshwater fishing gear for beginners, a dehooking tool will help you remove the hook from the fish’s mouth easily and without harm.
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