13 Fishing Concept Z SLD


See what all the buzz is about! The original Concept Z rocked the industry with its groundbreaking CZB technology.  Pushing the edge of design, engineering, and materials forward is what the Z is all about.  The NEW Gen II Concept Z SLD doesn’t disappoint, it starts with the new SLIDE magnetic cast control system located in the perfect place for anglers to adjust without missing a single cast.   Control casting downwind and then upwind on alternating casts with a flick of the thumb.  Pitch, flip, or just let it fly by combining or isolating the Low-Friction Centrifugal braking with the magnetic SLIDE braking.  Zero Corrosion CZB Bearings and an Advanced Polymer drag system are placed within the new rock-solid Cast Iron Carbon frame and side plates. This design sets the new bar for material innovation.


 The Future is here; it’s time to rethink everything you know about bearings… The Concept Zero bearings utilize our proprietary new space-age polymer material to replace all ball bearings. No more performance loss due to debris, no more corrosion and environmental wear, and no more noise.   Smooth and quiet operation with high performance casting… welcome to the future.
Finite casting adjustment in the ultimate location. the SLIDE Magnetic Cast Control System delivers anglers instant adjustability literally under your thumb.  Make consecutive casts in opposite wind directions with confidence and “over spin” control.  No more delay to adjust with internal OR external dials.
Space age Advanced Polymer Drag material designed for extreme durability and smooth drag performance.
Strong like IRON but extremely lightweight CAST IRON Carbon showcases our proprietary high-strength Carbon married with intelligent engineering to create an exceptionally rigid material.  It performs like an Aluminum Frame with the added attribute of being 100% corrosion proof.
Superior Slotted Cam with rail support eliminates failure and wear due to heavy use, and heavy drag pressure.
The name says it all, an ultra-durable anti-reverse system that allows your reel to Dead Stop with no backward handle movement. It’s among the most reliable in the industry. Feel confident that your 13 Fishing reels won’t fail you when you need it.
6 Oversized American Carbon Disks stop fish in their tracks.  The 13 Fishing Concept Bulldog Drag System is smooth when you need it, and offers more maximum drag than any other reel in its class.  Designed to be both long lasting and strong as a bulldog, this drag system inspires fish turning confidence.
The Japanese are known for their precision instruments, and Hamai builds the best gear cutting machines.  These gears are precision cut so that your reel feels effortless to turn.
Two process hard anodized worm gear with treated Line guide pin.
Designed by anglers, for anglers… the KeepR hook keeper allows lures to be hooked to the center of the reel frame, it just makes sense.  No more scratching up your reels, and when the KeepR gets worn, snap it out and replace it. Simple. Easy. Intelligent.
13 Fishing Reels are known for their cast-ability and the proprietary Arrowhead Line Guide system is a major factor.  Built with a unique shape, the Arrowhead line guide reduces friction as the line drops on the spool allowing the line to feed out faster.   Grab a 13 Fishing casting reel and outcast your friends with long effortless distance.
Easy 0-6 Adjustment releases the number of brake weights selected.  2nd Generation RF-Reduced Friction brake shoes create quiet and more relevant braking force for all lure weights and skill levels.
Spool access has never been smarter…or easier. The Beetle Wing rapid access system allows for plenty of room for spool access while still maintaining the streamlined design of the reel. The hidden spring-loaded system slides open and out of the way when you need to adjust your braking system.
Integrated into the drive gear, the Alert Drag emits a pleasant audible clicking letting you know when the pressure is on.
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