Artificial Boilies Floating Fluo Pink Honey 14mm


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The nice thing about artificial baits are that they are reusable

This means huge savings in both time & money. You spend more time enjoying fishing than you spend having to rebait up now and again.

Artificial baits come in bright glowing fluorescent colours and sweet flavours. These baits will remain firmly attached to your braid or bait hook and wont be removed by smaller fish which can become rather frustrating to most anglers who target specimen fish. they are super absorbed so your choice of flavour will certainty have an effect. These baits are also very light so they will either float or stay on top of the floor bed, they will not sink to the bottom and disappear under weeds, leaves and other underwater obstacles. Artificial baits are manufactured from materials that produce a very soft feel to the bait. this soft feel will result in more hook ups as fish are not spooked off as what often happen with hard baits.

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